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The Blues Scale Piano Course

Celebrity Masterclass by Mick Donnelly, formerly performed with Sammy Davis Jr

The Blues Scale Piano Course from a saxophonist? Absolutely! Who better to learn melody from than a person who has spent his life improvising “line”? Don’t just think chords, think Blues Scale Piano improv!

1. Learn the Blues Scale Piano & Practice Strategies

2. Develop Coordination with Different Left Hand Blues Scale Piano Bass Lines

3. Learn Different Left Hand Blues Scale Piano Riffs

4. Use a Variety of Walking Basses for Blues Scale Piano

5. Develop Rhythmic Motifs Inspired by Mick’s

6. Use the Right Hand “Cumulative Note” Blues Scale Piano Method

7. Connect your Imagination (Inner Ear) Via Your Voice to Your Fingers

8. Develop Repetition using Mick D Motifs & Vary Phrase Endings 

9. Explore Phrases Starting on Different Beats of the Bar

10. Explore The Pick Up 

11. Learn Features of Making Longer Phrase Structures More Effective in Blues Scale Piano

12. Develop Tools for Improvisation and Songwriting