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Christmas Piano Courses

An Exquisite Restylisation Method – never be a clone, have lots of fun!

Learn to Play Your Favourite Christmas Piano Songs with Style!

Jingle Bells Piano Course
Winter Wonderland Piano Course
Away in a Manger Piano Course
Silent Night Piano Course

Our Christmas Piano Courses

Discover how to play enchanting Christmas Piano Songs and take it a step further. Our Christmas Piano Courses transform your playing by adding chords, altering styles, and improvising to create your unique rendition. From beginners to advanced players, our tutorials cater to all skill levels. Start with the melody, experiment with bass, delve into chords and inversions. Then, explore multiple distinct restyling options!

You could learn how to play the tune to a Christmas Piano Song, or, you could then learn to add chords, change the style, improvise on it and play it YOUR way.

By the way, we love having videos sent in of your own versions! Go stylise – bring your personality out, through the way that you play your favourite Christmas piano songs.  We encourage you to showcase your personalized versions. Unleash your personality by infusing your favourite Christmas piano songs with your distinct style! With Christmas around the corner, dive into learning YOUR Christmas Songs today!

Need guidance or feeling stuck? Reach out for personalized 1-1 tips through a Zoom meeting with us!

Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells in a really fun style with Boogie Woogie Bass. I love this restylisation! 

Play Video about Jingle Bells Piano Cover
Play Video about Walking in a Winter Wonderland Piano Improvisation Method

Winter Wonderland

From just 2 chords, to walking bass and blues notes. A real Jazzy Improv!  

Away in a Manger

Create an extremely jazzy improvisation on this carol by using 4/4 instead of 3/4 and reharmonising using the ii-V-I progression.

Play Video about Away in a Manger Piano Improvisation
Play Video about Silent Night Piano Cover Version

Silent Night

Even a Greek Bazouki Restylisation!  From very simple, to extremely advanced – suitable for all levels of player from beginner to diploma.

Start with the melody, add a bass.  Try some chords, what about inversions?  Now Restylisation Heaven – 5 different alternatives!  Challenge yourself with stride techniques, arpeggios, time signature changes (3/4 to 4/4), and even add a Greek flavor. Explore advanced reharmonization using the ii-V-I progression across multiple keys!

Christmas Piano Courses – Get Ready to Play for Public Events, Family or Christmas Party Sing Alongs

Don’t just play your Christmas song tune on your piano, instead, SOUND AMAZING!

By the way… it’s not long until Christmas, get started with YOUR Christmas Songs today!  

Why not buy some Christmas Piano Courses as a Christmas present?

Ps…. Stuck and need some help? Contact us for a Zoom meeting and some 1-1 tips!


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