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Music Partnership Organisations

The Maestro Online is a forward looking music academy that creates strong ongoing partnerships with other successful music organisations.


Musiq Group Piano Hire

The Musiq Group are possibly the most respected piano leasing company in the UK. They provide hire and leasing to venues, festivals, churches, schools, conservatoires, hotels – anywhere that may benefit from access to a good quality piano/s. They offer all piano types, from a good quality digital piano all the way through to the best in Steinway Concert Grands, so can accommodate for all tastes and budget.

We are so very proud to be able to announce that The Maestro Online library members are able to receive a special concession for piano hire. Get in touch for details.

Home Piano Hire — The Musiq Group

Organ Academy

The Organ Academy Uganda

The Organ Academy in Uganda have become the first Corporate Members of The Maestro Online library with all of their members accessing the courses to further enhance their musicianship and learning.

The Organ Academy is a music specialist academy which provides a unique and highly personalised method of learning, creating an environment to nurture, educate and encourage creative young individuals to achieve the highest level of success in playing organ and other instruments as well as singing.

The Organ Academy


Viscount Organs

Viscount Organs have been a good friend to The Maestro Online from the outset. The Maestro Online has had the honour of creating improvisation videos and articles for Viscount.

arts and culture network2

Arts & Culture Network

The Maestro Online is a Founder Member and in partnership with the Arts and Culture Network, a growing community of over 14,000 arts and culture professionals shaping the future of our industry together.

Independent, self-funded, self-governing, borderless, inclusive, diverse, sustainable, collectively philanthropic and a little bit pirate.

As a subscriber of Maestro Online you can claim 3 months’ free membership of the Arts and Culture Network which offers benefits valued at over £370.

The pulse of the ACN community is a series of free monthly random speed networking events on ZOOM at which professional networks are grown, connections made, conversations started, collaboration confirmed, and members hired.

music education hub

Tees Valley Music Hub

In 2023, The Maestro Online has been proud to become a partner with The Tees Valley Music Education Hub. Tees Valley Music Hub works in schools and the community to deliver the UK National Plan for Music Education.

They do this by working with organisations such as The Maestro Online to provide the highest quality, most affordable, progressive and inclusive opportunities for children, young people and adults.

Tees Valley Music Service, which is one of the UKs largest music services, is Lead Partner in the Hub.